Sunday, June 6, 2010

Find cheap Naruto Chibi Toys Characters

Today, I want to gift my nephew Naruto toys, and browse on amazon. So I think he will be love my gift. This Naruto chibi dolls are cheap, so I can buy for him Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Maybe if I have enough money again, I will buy the rest, so his collection will be complete. This toys made from soft plush material
and the size is 8 inches in height. So guys, what do you think with these toys?

Click here for Naruto Chibi Toys Price Information

Click here for Sakura Chibi Toys Price Information

Click here for Sasuke Chibi Toys Price Information

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Japanese Sunny People - Tomy Hidamari no Tami Desk Toys

Sunny People to relieve you from stress. This toys can be used to relieve weary and stresses. Produced by Tomy,Japan’s “healing line” has named NOHOHON ZOKU or means NOHOHON Family. This toys is not for play but just only for watch.

Nohohon Zoku consist of 3 type :

1. Hidamari No Tami (means Sunny People)
Hidamari No Tami storied live at world with a natural beauty, and they will be appears if someone feels stresses, worried or depression. Hidamari no Tami will be healing to those people by sway peacefully head from side to side or up and down.
This toys is solar powered and no batteries required. Released by many color like sakura flower’s pink, blue sky, green leaves, and yellow sunlight. This toys is compatible to put on desk or workbench witch has a good light. There is a place on the front to place small cards with messages as well. It is really relaxing to watch
This toy's head sway from side to side :
This toy's head sway up and down :

Christmas Edition :

2. Sunny People with sound. Batteries needed. Can release sound of nature.

Umi no Sasayaki release sound of ocean. .................. Mori no Sasayaki release forest sound.

3. Hanauta no Tami (means Humming People)
Batteries needed. They can sing and dance if you activated them.
This one has 3 different songs.................................With alarm clock has 12 different songs.

Buy this funny toys on Amazon

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Death Note

Genre : Psychological Thriller, Supernatural

Episod : 37

Death Note is a Japanese manga series originally written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata.

Storied about a high school student name Light Yagami that discovered a mysterious book, known as the “Death Note”. This book has rules that whose name is written in it, that person shall die. This book change his life and make him turn into a killer using name Kira (derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "Killer"). Soon, this serial killer make peoples feels fidgety although some peoples agree with Kira do. The International Police Organization arranges an investigation to revealing who Kira really is. For the investigation, the police hired L the detective who will reveal Kira true identity. In later episode turn out that the Death Note was not possess only by Light.

Characters :

Light Yagami (Kira)
Light Yagami is genius student and interest at the crime and corruption. His father is chief policeman, make he can follow up some cases truly and he feels disappointed with the results. After he discovered a Death Note, Light tough the Death Notes was a prank then he conducts experiment by write two criminal’s name in the death note and suddenly the criminals get killed. The true owner of his death notes is a Shinnigami (God of Death) named Ryuuk. Light kills all the criminal used the Death Note and peoples know him as Kira. Light became the God of New World by passing his judgment on criminals.

L is the legendary detective. He is number one Kira’s enemy. L has many quirks. He like sit in squatting position in chair, eat and drink something sweet in the important gathering, etc. But he has great power strategies to confuse and force Kira. In the end he makes his own life to trap Kira.

Misa Amane

Misa is a popular idol in Japan. At the day she will be killed with her number one fans, the Shinnigami name Jealous, write on her fans’ name into that book and drop that book for her soon as that fans killed. Misa was endorser Kira because the murderer of Misa's parents had been punished by Kira, After she has that book and Shinigami Eyes (that she obtained at the cost of half of her remaining life), she looking up who was Kira and found Light Yagami. Misa is completely devoted to Light, and loved him at the first sight. Light, however, only views her as an asset to his plans because of her Death Note and her Shinigami Eyes.

Near was a primary candidate to become L's successor and calls himself N during the course of his investigations. Near is frequently shown playing with toys or his hair. Near also sits in an unusual manner similar to L, but with some slight differences. He offered to join forces with Mello to fight Kira, but Mello turned him down. Near then gained the support of the US government and formed the Secret Provision for Kira (SPK).


Mello was one of the person who make L's successor. An orphan who grew up with Near in Watari's shelter for gifted children. He is often eating chocolate bars. Once Light tries to find and kill him, which he manages to escape - but due to an explosion, making his scar over the left side of his face.

Teru Mikami

Mikami is selected as the fourth Kira by Light. He is completely devoted and loyal to Kira, believing that divine justice must be brought down upon the people. His personal life is poorly; he don’t have hobbies or anything else. He, like Misa, has made the exchange of half his remaining years for Shinigami Eyes.

Shinigami (The Death Gods)


The Shinigami who dropped the Death Note in the human world, which Light would pick up. Ryuk is not Light's ally, and in fact declares that some day Ryuk would write Light's name into his own Death Note, killing him. Ryuk enjoys watching Light killed people with death note. He likes apple very much.


She is Misa Amane's Shinigami. She took control as Misa Amane's Shinigami when one of her fellow shinigami (Jealous) died trying to make her life span larger. She cares Misa Amane because her heart is pure. Rem possesses two death notes because of the one she gained when her friend died plus she also had her own. She protect Misa from Light, and said if Misa Amane dies before her time, she will be write light's name on her death note.

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